from 22 May 2021
to 21 November 2021


Collateral Event of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia
A capsized boat, supported by its own oars, which becomes a shelter from bad weather, and a meeting point for the shipwreck victims; it’s the artistic installation baptized “Senza Terra / Pomerio” (Without Land/Pomerium) of the 50 artists collective, coordinated by the curator Boris Brollo, realized for the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. The imposing interactive art installation, will be exhibited at the San Servolo Island from May the 22th to November the 21th, in a symbolic location for the docking of boats, a strip of land which, throughout the whole Venetian history, has welcomed and protected people, offering to its temporary guests, a rest area where one can meditate and restore energy. It’s right In this very moment, rich in kindness, that this artistic installation stands out, as a safe and well-protected place: a house-boat, under whose “roof” people have a chance to take re-fuge, to re-nedevous, to re-flect and re-project. A sacred living space which, taking into account its historical connotations, acquires a sacredness typical of the Latin Pomerio.

The “Senza Terra / Pomerio” project therefore serves as an universal message of love and solidarity, it’s a commemorative anthem for the exiled, for the refugees and for people Without Land (Senza Terra) of every nation, which offers an ideal sanctuary, where to find shelter underneath the “roof” of the sacredness of our communities.

Without Land/Pomerio